Agent of the Month, September 2021: Fairdeal Properties

Winners of this Month’s Agency of the Month, Fairdeal Properties are standouts for their social enterprise effort that is helping to support the local community by educating youths on potential creative career paths. They are also campaigning for Government policy reform to combat London’s housing crisis.

In an area where the youth often lack opportunities, by taking part in the ‘Founders4Schools’ initiative, Fairdeal Properties Director Majid Haq, along with other entrepreneurs and business owners dedicated their time to a lecture series for local secondary school students. During this they spoke about how they broke into their respective industries, what creative pathways exist outside the traditional vocational routes and what study routes they adopted.

Majid Haq tells Findingaplace;

“A lot of people don’t know what creative paths exist when it comes to the youngsters, especially in the local area.”

In addition to this, by providing insight on the ground level Fairdeal Properties are in constant conversations with local Governments to initiate housing policy reform.

According to Majid Haq;

“There isn’t a housing issue, it’s a policy issue.”

He continues to inform Findingaplace that as it stands, current policy dictates that a tenant of social housing cannot leave the property of their own will or even when asked by a landlord. In order to qualify for and receive another social housing placement, they must have a Notice of Eviction. This puts both landlords and tenants in a difficult position, as a tenant cannot vacate a property until they receive an eviction letter from the bailiffs, which is an expense to the landlord.

Yet, there is a simple solution according to Majid Haq who states:

“If the policy was tweaked, it would help further educate landlords to the benefits of renting to people on housing benefit …we’ve got to change our policies and I’ve been reaching out to Ealing Council and Hounslow Council …as agents, we can do so much more to help with the housing issues.”

Majid tells Findingaplace, currently, 90% of all rental properties in London are privately owned which is why it is increasingly important to Fairdeal Properties that agents help to pressure Governments into changing their policies to make it easier for those who are struggling financially and who do not have a regular income. How can agents help? Well, by concentrating on informing the Landlords on the benefits of social housing tenants.

These social enterprises feed into the personal touch that Fairdeal Properties promotes. Fairdeal Properties are aiming to change the industry and its public perception by championing transparency.

“It’s all about transparency, we are upfront and don’t try to waste people’s time. We’re here to manage the rental properties and be as transparent as possible.”

When asked what attracted Fairdeal Properties to partner with Findingaplace, Majid had this to say;

“…I wanted to partner and deal with genuine people, it was like instantly… Findingaplace is a company I can work with because they’re hiring the right people; same morals, same ethics as I have so that was a key point.”

Findingaplace offers a platform that is unique and reliable. We aim to make life simpler for agents by cutting out the hard work of finding rent-ready applicants.

When asked how Fairdeal Properties have benefitted from the partnership, Majid says:

“Findingaplace has been very beneficial to us…we spend a lot of time going through applicants to qualify them. With the applicants we’ve been getting from Findingaplace, luckily that bit is done for us, so it saves us a lot of time and with us as an agency, time is money.”

Not only does Findingaplace help to streamline the rental process, but we also help to provide quality pre-vetted applicants that promote better rental outcomes.

Majid says this about the quality of pre-vetted applicants they’ve received;

“It is all about quality and Findingaplace’s pre-vetted applicants so far have all been about quality which we are more than happy with.”

We are delighted that our property tech-solution cuts through all the noise, that it shares Fairdeal Properties values and has helped hundreds of agents already to improve their productivity and outcomes.

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