Our History

Findingaplace was born from frustration from myself and my friends, family and associates over many years looking for property to rent. We all spoke of our dissatisfaction with many, many hours spent online trawling through property portals searching for our new homes only to find they were no longer available, as well as countless visits to individual high street Agents to get onto their books. ‘There must be a better way, this is tedious’ I thought to myself. That’s why we’re here! 

We are different because we believe there is a smarter way to connect customers to the property they are looking for. We have teamed up with truly fantastic and trusted agencies throughout London who are passionate in helping customers find the property they are searching for. Try us today and we think you’ll understand pretty quick that having a coffee and waiting for the properties to come to you is definitely the way to go!

Mike Savva
Founder, Findingaplace