Agent of the Month, October 2021: Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge

London based international sales and lettings agent Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge branch are proud recipients of Agency of the Month, October 2021. The Knightsbridge team have perfected the art of providing exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences for their tenants and landlords.

Lisa-Jane Stratton, the Branch Manager of Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge and her team have gained a local competitive advantage. Lisa-Jane tells Findingaplace;

“We never promise more than we can deliver, and we try to deliver more than we promise.”

Lisa-Jane has been the manager at this office for just over 6 years and has seen many changes in the market, though one thing remains consistent.

“Both tenants and landlords are looking for a personal service backed by trust, knowledge and empathy combined with value for money and an understanding of their needs and expectations.”

Benham & Reeves have branches across the UK and Asia, and the team (Lisa-Jane as well as Francesca & Thuraya) at the Knightsbridge branch are fully committed to providing a personalised service. In Knightsbridge, the team operate on a multi-disciplinary approach and always go above and beyond their job descriptions to exceed what is commonly expected and to offer a seamless and comprehensive customer service. Lisa-Jane explains;

“We understand that customer service is a company’s most critical asset. The essence of this service can often be challenging and frustrating. Get it right, and the rewards are returned in kind. Get it wrong, and you do so at the peril of your reputation.”

So, what makes Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge stand out?

The team at Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge listen attentively to their clients and customers. And it’s not just the team that goes above and beyond for their clients; Lisa-Jane provides an extra level of service to her in-bound international tenants that will ensure to leave a lasting impression.

Prior to moving in, Lisa-Jane delivers a Welcome Basket which includes essentials such as toilet rolls, tissues and soap... to refreshing treats that include savoury snacks, bottled water, fruit, coffee and biscuits. Just what you need when you first receive keys to your new home! This is a great example of a personalised and thoughtful touch to make their tenants feel extra special.

“In short, I want their first impression to be a lasting one - welcoming and with a few home comforts.”

The team take pride in their roles as ambassadors of Benham & Reeves and in knowing what they do is worthwhile. Lisa-Jane delivers this powerful message;

“We aren’t saving lives, nor are we heroes of defence. We accept our job is not going to change the world. However, we can make a difference to the customers and clients who we serve. A job well-done is a job worth doing, and it is this basic ideology that drives us,”

If they are not in a position to assist – they will offer alternative solutions to help their clients in their quest.

What do Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge think of Findingaplace?

“To our delight, we have found the applicants provided through Findingaplace to be highly-qualified leads. In fact, the format through which applicants register their interest excels over its portal counterparts."

Lisa-Jane continues;

“Our job is made significantly easier due to the level of detail contained in the brief. Findingaplace expedites the qualifying process which saves valuable time. The pre-vetting process ensures that we have a familiarity with the applicant before making contact.”

Findingaplace offers a platform that is easy to navigate with a clear layout so getting to the core of the enquiry is quick and concise.

“We have found it refreshing to discover the applicant’s requirements and budget listed on the Findingaplace lead sheet actually translates into reality. The Findingaplace Team is First Class. It is obvious they are dedicated to the service they deliver, and its subscribed customers.”

When asked how Benham & Reeves Knightsbridge have benefitted from the partnership, Lisa-Jane says:

“It’s not uncommon in this day and age to be left high and dry the minute you sign on the dotted line. Not so with the Findingaplace team. The training, guidance, and follow-up reviews are a testimony to its desire to remain a primary choice amongst agents and applicants.”

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