Agent of the Month, August 2021: David Harris & Co

A key challenge for independent agencies is not to fall behind the larger agencies with a monopoly in the industry, however this has not been the case for David Harris and Co. winners of this month’s award for Agent of the Month.

A long-established independent agency based in Finchley, David Harris and Co have been covering sales, management, and lettings since 1989. In the increasingly crowded and highly commercial real estate landscape, David Harris and Co. have established their success through continually striving to build confidence in everything that they do and aiming to surpass client expectations by providing a bespoke, professional service that is catered to their needs.

Through championing a philosophy which continually puts the clients at the heart of everything they do, David Harris and Co. have built a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service as evidenced through their 4.9 Google rating and showcased in over one hundred 5* reviews.

As stated by the agency founder David Harris;

”We passionately believe in our values of honesty and integrity. These values lie in the heart of everything we do here. A lot of agencies might say it, but we LIVE it day in day out.’”

This allows them to continually show up as a company that people can trust. It is this approach along with friendly and knowledgeable staff that has enabled David Harris and Co. to operate at the highest level and consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

Like many other agencies David Harris and Co. are continuously approached by start-ups asking for an investment in their solution, however, David Harris and Co. noted that Findingaplace offered them something unique: a focus on the customer. Unlike its competitors Findingaplace offers direct links to pre-vetted applicants.

Here at Findingaplace, we invest our time in demonstrating platform usage to new subscribers so that they can maximise platform use. We individually vet new applicants via a phone consultation specifically search details, requirements and moving situation, so all that is left for agencies is to find the right solution and contact the applicant should they have something that matches.

This gives agencies the ability to see a trend of applicant needs even before they advertise a property and could aid in targeting new instructions of high quality according to founder David Harris.

He continued;

“We liked the team, we liked the simplicity and ease of use of the product, we liked the fact that we could get a match for properties we haven’t even advertised yet… At the end of the day, we want to rent properties swiftly on behalf of our landlords and Findingaplace provides high quality pre-vetted applicants that enable that to happen. This is transforming the way in which applicants register their requirements.”

So, according to David Harris, what is the top feature of Findingaplace’s solution?

“This is an easy one, they save us precious time. Working with Findingaplace who provides leads that have already been pre-vetted and reflects the 5* review my team provided them once we saw the benefits! The great qualified leads save us time pre-vetting potential tenants, with the current frenzied marketplace we can therefore arrange appointments for tenants to see our properties quicker!”

It is clear that this new approach brings applicants to the fore who are open to various opportunities rather than having their heart set on one particular property, as is traditionally seen. As a result, agencies have a growing pool of applicants who are flexible and ready to move when they find the right property.

David Harris has this to say about Findingaplace’s pricing.

“A short while after subscribing to Findingaplace, we soon realised that the number of properties we let more than compensated for the cost of receiving their valuable leads.”

So, whilst agencies may be used to working in a slightly different way. For example, dealing with an applicant and their needs rather than an enquiry against a specific property, the quality of service delivered by Findingaplace from start to finish is very high. Hence why in a crowded tech-solutions marketplace, Findingaplace stands out from the rest in providing a practical business solution for agencies.

Learn how you can use Findingaplace to generate pre-qualified applicants, increase productivity and reduce your property portal costs.

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